Friday, October 1, 2010

Mama..happy happy Mother's day!!

hye r u??
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urmm..tajuk entry kali sebenarnye tajuk speech for public speaking class.. fyi, dlm kelas nie ktorg kene bg speech setiap minggu n dis week kne bg speech for special, setelah berpulun2 cr idea..i've decided nk bg speech sempena hari ibu.... disebabkn kerinduan yg teramat sgt pada berjaya siapkan draft/outline ntuk speech nie dlm mser yg cepat dr biasa ( about setengah jam)....n prepare full speech about 15minit sblm kelas....semenya sbb kenangan bersama mama...kre speech nie mcm luahan rase hati saya untuk mama...thanx mama..ur my bes fwen, my full speech and i want 2 share it with u guys....enjoy it k..;)

Good evening everyone....I just want to take a few minute of ur time and speak about the lovely person we are celebrating here tonight. Today, I want to pay tribute to the most important and lovable person in my life, my mother.

There's a quotation i took from one of bollywood movie;

Maa teree mamta,kitnee pyaree...kitnee pyar jagattee hai..

As the translate, great is ur much love does it awaken in me...

And i also would like to share a poem just for my lovely mother...

A Heart Just Like Mom

I may not pray often, and i may not pray enough
but when i do, this is all i ask of you..

God, please give me a heart just like hers,

she loves unconditionally, no matter what, no matter who...

God, give me courage to be like her,

she's very brave, she makes me unafraid..

God, give me wisdom just like hers,

she knows everything, big and small, she's there to help through it all...

God, give me strength just like hers,
she's been knocked down, yet she stands strong for another round..

God, give me beauty just like hers,

when she smiles it gives me feeling that everything will be okay, and my problem dissapear for a while...

God, give me generosity just like hers,

she help the helpless, she never thinks of herself and she so unselfish..

God...someday, if i am at least half the mom she was to me,

I'll know that you were listening on the day that i prayed....

Mom....thanks for deliver me safely to give me opportunity to meet you and always guide me to face this challenging world...thanks for your strength to wake up and accompany me each night when i cant sleep... thanks for lending your ear to listen my annoying voice when i want something ridiculous.. thanks for lending your shoulder each time i break up with my lover, fight with my siblings and have problems with my friends...thanks for your advice when i am confused with my complicated life...there is a lot of thing i want to thank you but it is infinity that i cant say by word...i juts can say...Mama, thanks for everything...

Mama...forgive me for each tears and pain i've made on you...there's so many thing i've made that frustrated you. i hope i can back to the past and correcting it.

Mom, you are the most precious of God's present in this world to me. May God always blessed and protect you in everything you do, every second of your life.. There no one can be my mom's substitute in this world forever.. and there's nothing can replace my mom's love forever...

A noble pure and tender flame

en kindled from above
to bless a heart of earthly mold
the warmest love that can grow cold
that is my mother's love...

Now, i would like to wish my mother happy Mother's Day and ask God's blessing on her.So she can continue her demanding role until end.

A mother's love oh so sweet,
they make all the sweet birds tweet,
i love my mother oh so much,
i indeed want her to rest during lunch,
but all i really want to say is,
Happy Happy Mother's day Mama...

Dear readers....mother's day is not only fall on specific special day..but its fall on everyday...not just Mother's day..but also Friend's day, Father's day and so u can wish it big deal for it...chill~


amal syahirah yaakop said...

arrggghhh.. touchingg..
huhu.. T_T
miss my mom too..
love my mom too..
thanks deera coz remind me about this..
yes u r true..
we must respect our mom & wish her happy everyday..

Leya said...

alalaa so sweet..
mesti your mom very touched with this...

DEE_DEE said...

to amal : yep dear....tanpa mama saperla kter kn....hargaila dia selagi dia da k..;)

DEE_DEE said...

to leya : thanx gurl...insyaAllah...
i hope so....hehe
share it with ur mom too k...:)

Tuah Anugerah said...

bertuah ibumu dpt ank yg menghargai pengorbanan ibunya mcm nih,
bertuah kamu dpt ibu yg hebat,
moga kamu dan ibumu success & sejahtera dunia akhirat. amin.
& perkongsian yg sangat baguz..

DEE_DEE said...

thankz tuah....aminnnn....same to u...;)